The Article below was taken from the website of Church Militant long before the organization turned to be scandalous, especially concerning the man in charge who had cleverly duped Catholics for quite some time before eventually being exposed. We will not link to their website or reference the organization anywhere on this website. However, the article by them on Saint Michael's Sword was very well done and very informative so it will remain here for the present.


"Saint Michael is believed to have made multiple appearances in the mountain town beginning in late A.D. 400, when a bishop, hesitant at first about who he was seeing, acquiecsed to the veracity of his visons after fasting and prayer. The cave-church was built following St. Michael's request and is believed to be the only building of worship in the Catholic Church consecrated by the archangel, earning its title of Celestial Basilica.

The line cuts a perfectly straight swath for over 2,000 km across the heart of Europe. According to tradition, "The Sword of Saint Michael" represents the blow with which St. Michael sends the devil to Hell.

The seven holy sites, each with stories of St. Michael to tell, include:

Skellig Michael in Ireland, where the archangel appeared to St. Patrick, helping him drive the evil creatures in the 400s

Saint Michael's Mount in England, where he appeared to a group of fishermen in A.D. 495 Mont Saint Michel in France, where he appeared to St. Aubert urging him to build a church in the rock in the 700s

Sacra di San Michele near Turin, Italy, where St. Michael appeared to San Lorenzo Maiorano in the 5th and 6th centuries

Sanctuary of Monte Sant'Angelo, Gargano, Italy, where St. Michael appeared and interceded multiple times

Panormitis Monastery in Symi, Greece, which houses one of the largest statues of St. Michael in the world

Stella Maris Monastery on Mount Carmel in Israel, where, according to folk legend, St. Michael gave Elijah the thunder he wrested from Satan

Archbishop ViganĂ²'s call to bishops and priests worldwide "to fight the common enemy of the whole human race" also represents a return to St. Michael many faithful had forgotten and is now being resurrected.

"Since the early days of the Church, the archangel has been venerated as the defender of God's rights, helping Christians to be steadfast in their fidelity to God in times of trial," Abp. ViganĂ² said.""

Saint Michael's Sword Protects Us

Saint Michael and his sword have protected legions of faithful during harrowing crisis. Proof of one such event occurred in 1950, during the Korean Conflict, when a young American Marine prayed his usual morning prayer to Saint Michael; this day as his call for help. Saint Michael's Sword acknowledged the young Marine's request as follows:

Saint Michael Protect, Defend and Rescue the Children Enslaved and Suffering as Victims of Human Trafficking. Pray this special verse of the St. Michael Morning Prayer each morning for the victim children and for Saint Michael's intercession on their behalf...

"Michael, Michael of the Morning,
fresh chord of Heaven adorning,
Help the child victims this day,
and in time of temptation,
drive the devil away. Amen."